10 Things to Consider When Choosing a College

When choosing a college, they are a lot of things to consider. This article will outline the 10 best things to consider when choosing a college. These factors that will be put into consideration before choosing a college are what ill determine the level of your success in the school after you might have gain admission.

These important factors that you need to consider before choosing a college will affect your life in college, after college and even when you have been employed. So these makes them and important and integral part of your decision making when considering the college to attend.

The truth is that most students make their decision regarding the choice of college to attend based on sentiments or emotions. But with a well-researched article like this. Students will be provided with a guide to make the best choice and decision regarding the college to attend.

Availability of Academic Majors

A student who desired to attend a particular college must consider the availability of the course which he/she wishes to major in. If the course is not available, then, it is better to make a U-turn about the school.

Accreditation of Majors

Aside from the courses being available, are they accreditation? Is the school in itself accredited? Find this out and avoid a tragedy in the future. Accreditation ensures that your college will be recognized by employers.

Siting and Location of the School.

Does the location of the School or where it is sited favors you?  Is it an area you can easily adapt to or you will need to readjust over and over again to fit into the society there? Does the culture there favorsyou? So put the location of the college into consideration before choosing the college.

Size of the College

You might want a small college or you might want a large college depending on your taste or what you want. There out advantages of large colleges over small colleges and there are also advantages of small colleges over large colleges. Those are beyond the scope of this article for now.

Type of School

What type of school do you want? You want a vocational college or a grammar college? Your choice depends on the career choice you want to make. Ensure that you find out about the school you want to choose before making the choice.

State of Facilities and Amenities in the campus.

Now, you are going to consider the state of the facilities and amenities in the campus. Are there standard facilities there? If you are doing a practical oriented course for instance, you will need to choose a college that is focus on practical’s with standard faculties and amenities including residence halls, dining halls and restaurant, medical services and lab, recreational facilities and opportunities.

Student Activities.

If you are into sport for instance, you will need to find out if the college is extracurricular activities inclined or only academic focus. Choose a school that bends into your plan and the things you love.

Career services.

For eighty percent of students, the point of going to school is to find a high paying job. Find out if the school you about to attend offers career guidance and services to help launch your career after school.

How does the school make you feel?

Does attending the school puts you under pressure? The school is supposed to make you feel at home and relaxed in order to enhance your learning capabilities. Anything far from this does not help you.

Personal Growth

Can the school enhance your personal growth? Check out those that attended the college, what are the significant growth in their lives? Pick a clue from this and determine where your will growth if you attend the college.

Conclusion and Summary

Finally, in orderto make the best choice regarding college to attend, they are 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a College which include, the availability of majors, the size and location of the college, the type of college, state of amenities and facilities, career services, how the school makes you feel and the impact of the college on your personal growth.

These factors you help you make the best decision concerning things to Consider When Choosing a College.  So if you found this article useful, please share and leave a comment behind. Thank!

How to Become A Community College Professor- Best Tips

Here we will be sharing some expert tips with you on how to become a community college professor. These are expert tips that have been gathered from authoritative sources, most which are retired college professors.

For the U.S Educational system, community college are so crucial. The millions of prospective college students out there, don’t just see a bachelor’s degree program as a viable option. Even though the traditional four year university programs have held more prestige than their two-year counterpart, the landscape is gradually changing with the constant rise of a four year tuition. Community colleges are on the go as they are expanding their offerings and improving quality of education. Hence the need for new community college professors. This article will briefly show you how to become a community college professor with expert tips. So we will be answering the following questions here;

  • Is it hard to become a community college professor?
  • How much does a community college professor make per class?
  • Is being a community college professor worth it?
  • How much do community colleges pay professors?

And this questions will lead us to answer cover the following in the course of this article;

  • How to become a community college professor reddit
  • How to become a college professor
  • How to get a job teaching at a community college
  • Community college professor salary california
  • Most in demand community college professors
  • I hate teaching community college
  • Community college teaching certificate
  • Community college professor salary

Teaching in High School vs. Teaching in a Community College: What’s the Difference?

So let’s look at the difference between lecturing in a high school and lecturing in a community college.Just as the name entails, community college, it’s actually a community, so in high school you have to play the role of teacher, friend and parent because of the challenges of students moving from childhood to adults, but in a community college you will be dealing with full blown adults.

High school teachers have less time for breaks but community college professors are saddled with more hours to rest and arranged themselves.

Students of community colleges are actually those who want to be there. So you will be teaching people who know what they want until high school students who are still struggling with delinquency.

How to Become A Community College Professor– What it Requires.

Still want to be a community college professor? Then check out what it takes here.In California for example, there are some minimum requirements/qualification that must be met in order to become a community college professor. The qualifications are different as disciplines are different. Be sure to find out what is required to teach a community college class before applying.


A Degree or Master’s Degree in Field you want to teach in.

You will need or be required to have at least a degree and a master’s degree in field that you a willing to teach or applied for.

Teaching Experience.

You will need some teaching experience in order to be accepted into the community college as a professor. This requires you to have an experience in instructing classes or students. You can also gain experience as a graduate student.

Professional Certification

A professional certification depending on field is an added advantage to your degree.

Prominent academic presence and publication.

Having a high number of publication is vital to landing a job as a professor. Due to the high level of competitiveness, it is highly recommended that those applying for positions of professors have a high number of high quality academic publications.

Summary and Conclusion on Becoming a Community College Professor.

Becoming a community college professor is choosing a life of growth. To become a community college professor, you will need to have a degree or master’s degree in related field, have a teaching experience, add some professional certification, and have a prominent number of high quality academic qualifications. A good community college teacher therefore is;

  • Inquisitive, creative, and curious
  • Very sociable
  • Passionate about teaching and students
  • Patient and resourceful
  • Organized and careful about time management
  • Devoted to learning
  • Attentive to details
  • A lover of reading
  • Service-oriented
  • Able to laugh and have a sense of humor
  • Thoughtful about interacting with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Excellent at oral and written communication
  • Highly knowledgeable about their subject area
  • Qualified with a master’s degree in an education-related field, or a field related to the subject he/she teaches

So what do you think? DO you have anything to contribute? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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