How to Write a Good Final Year Project in Nigeria

final year project

A major challenge most undergraduates in Universities, Polytechnics, or Collages face is how to write a final year project report.

These institutions require students about to graduate to wrap up their academic studies with a project. It could come in the form of seminar, research, seminar, thesis or dissertation.

Are you looking for a solution to a step or chapter? Don’t worry I will guide you through the whole step to write a project for the final year. We will do it together starting from the proposal to the summary.

What is the Final Year Project?

A Final Year Project is a test on students to prove all they have learned, it could be written or practical. Students are to prove they understood all they are being taught from 1st year to the final year.

There are lots of projects works in Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges. It could come as group work or individual assignments. One thing about projects is that they come with high credit units.

The way you write your project could either boost or reduce your CGPA.

Since you want to graduate with a first class, let’s take a look at how to write a final year school project in Nigeria.

How to Write a Good Final Year Project?

  • Pick at least three suitable topics
  • Read on these topics and select your best
  • Write a project proposal to your supervisor
  • Research on your project
  • Choose suitable materials to work with

Pick at least three suitable topics.

This is the starting point to write a final year project. In your field, list topics you can easily work on, it could even be more than three. Choosing the perfect topic for your project could a challenge.

These guides will help you choose the best project topic

  • brainstorm for project ideas.
  • make a list of topics that you can easily read and understand
  • make sure the project materials are not far fetched
  • select your topic as a focused question
  • continue more research on your project topic
  • plan a thesis statement

Read on these topics and select your best

There are many resources on your potential project topics, right? Read these materials (texts or PDFs) on the topics to broaden your knowledge of these topics.

After reading these topics, one out of these topics should be your topic.

Write a Project Proposal to Your Supervisor

After choosing your project topic, you need to get a go-ahead from your project supervisor.

A final year project proposal is a written plan put forward to a supervisor for consideration. After submitting the proposal, you’ll have to wait for a reply.

How to write a good project proposal

  • Make proper preparations
  • Write out the summary of your project
  • Make good points
  • Explain how your goals would be achieved
  • Back it up with historical precedent

Research on Your Project

Research is an investigation carried out systematically using materials to get facts. There are two major ways to sources of data for your project and they include;

Online source. This requires the gathering of project resources from the internet.
Offline source. Refers to the use of resources not fetched from the internet for project work.

To properly research on your project, you need to:

  • use resources from trusted sites and authors
  • ask your course mates for ideas and suggestions
  • work using a project timeline
  • start writing and writing

Choose suitable materials

There are many sources of project materials, you can get a final year project materials from the school library, friends, and the internet.

But you need to ask yourself, “are these materials useful to write a final year project?“. Not all resources you come across the net can add positively to your project work.

Standard Format for Preparing a Final Year Project

Chapters :- Topics

1:- Introduction
2:– Background Information
3:– Literature Review
4:– Empirical Analysis/Data Selection
5:– Summary of Finding (Conclusion)


Writing a Final Year Project is compulsory in most tertiary institutions in Nigeria. You should choose the perfect methodology to achieve a good project.

The following tips will guarantee a perfect outcome when writing a project:

  • think carefully before selecting your final project topic
  • write a final year research project proposal to assist you in pointing out the problems you are about to face
  • devise a plan and follow it
  • visit your project supervisor at least once a week
  • work with the advice/corrections given to you by your supervisor
  • Be organised
  • take note of the literature survey and data collection
  • make out time for your final year project


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