7 Reasons Why You Should Stay Off Campus in UNICAL

Getting accommodation in University of Calabar (UNICAL) is now a general issue. As fresher or older students are returning to school this month, most students will move to their own apartment off campus while others will like to remain on campus.

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Many students may want to stay in the university hostels while others might be crazy about leaving. Well, there are lots of merits to staying off campus.

UNICAL hostel accommodation cannot accommodate over 40,000-45,000 students in the university community.

Here are 7 reasons why you should not stay in Unical Hostel

  • To Save Extra Money
  • Enjoy more Freedom
  • More Choices
  • Better Social Amenities
  • Get Used To The Outside World
  • Security
  • Health Reason

The University of Calabar has provided students with accommodation spaces. But there are still reasons why you should consider living off campus this session.

Health and Hygiene

The university community is consists of many students using limited resources. Living in the school premises would expose you to many unhygienic ways of life. For example, many students find it difficult to flush the toilet after using it.

Staying outside the school would give you an opportunity for personal hygiene. Renting a self-contained apartment, for instance, would allow you to enjoy private amenities reducing any dirty habit.

Save You Extra Cash

Though the UNICAL accommodation fees are relatively cheaper than off campus, you are likely going to save extra cash. If you have roommates who contributed for the rent, you’ll be splitting the cost with few roommates.

Staying alone may not reduce the cost and also you won’t suffer cooking restrictions in the school. You prepare your meal instead of buying them.

Enjoy More Freedom

The only way to escape the UNICAL hostel rules and regulations is to move out. Though these rules are for your own good, it denies you many things.

Hostel rules such as no pets, visiting hours, signing in your visitors, and others can be avoided by staying outside the school premises. There are no porters and wardens to make sure you follow these rules off campus.

More Choices

Since each student has different taste, renting an apartment off campus would give you the opportunity to make a choice of apartment size and space.

You can also choose the location, and environment you think is best for you. You typically don’t get choices on campus, in fact, the school makes the choices.


The high level of stealing in the school hostel is a strong reason you should move off campus. You can arrange your things anyhow you want to in your apartment without the fear of losing it.

Although staying outside the university campus could attract cultists and other hoodlums, it is still a better way to remain safe.


The unhealthy situation in UNICAL hostels is a major reason to stay off campus. Mosquito bites from the nature of the surrounding could get you ill. Other personal health issues could make you want to stay off campus.

Get Used To The Outside World

The outside world? Yes! Staying outside the school premises would grant you exposure. You would have the opportunity to meet people outside the school premises and learn how to relate better with them.

You can meet people from different classes, behaviors, and personalities.


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