How to Graduate College Early | the Easiest Way.

To graduate from college early, you need more of strategy and hard work than intelligence. This article on How to Graduate College Early will show you the best and easiest way to graduate from college early without any issues.

Everything in life has both disadvantages and advantages, so does graduating college early, but the advantages far outweighs the disadvantages as you get an early start to life. Considering the way the world is changing extremely fast, the only response to such an astronomical growth is a fast start to life.

The cost of running college four years plus leaves the students with so many debts to pay. And most disappointing, most students don’t graduate, leaving colleges with severe financial impact.

So this article will answer some questions that our readers have been asking us such as;

  • Can you finish college in 2 years?
  • Can you graduate college in 3 years?
  • What is the earliest age you can graduate college?
  • Can I graduate at 16?

And in answering these questions, we will cover the following;

  • How to graduate college early in America
  • How to graduate college in 2 years
  • Should i graduate college early?
  • How to graduate college in 3 years
  • Can you graduate college in 1 year?
  • How can i graduate early from high school?
  • Can you graduate college early by taking summer classes?
  • Can you graduate college early with ap credits?

So here are ways you can graduate from college within three years or less and jumpstart your career.

Earn College Credit during High School

This should be the most popular way of graduating early from college. When you come into college with credit.It allows you to start at a higher level and stay a step ahead of your college mates. Many high schools offer honors classes, Advance Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) classes and exams which allows the students to earn college credits. Others allow students to do a dual enrollment in community colleges.

Test Out of Class Topics.

Since every academic institution has its own course requirements and arrangement of academic fields, it makes sense if they decide to award credits for courses they don’t have to teach.

Through the college level examination program (CLEP) which is administered by the same organization behind SAT, students can test some college level courses. By passing one test, you can receive up to three college credit.

Max Out Your Course Credit Each Semester

To take a full course load each year with summers off means that you will graduate within the stipulated four years. In order to graduate early, let’s say three years or less. You will need to take up courses during summer. Spread your course load as much as possible with night classes and summer courses.

The number of courses students can take per term is limited by most colleges. Just beer in mind that some colleges can charge extra fees for taking additional credits.

Find Out accelerated terms or semesters

The traditional 15-week semester does not work for all students, most universities know this and they hence offer the most general education courses in various semesters. All you have to do is the searching.

The Online Courses/Classes

Since online classes also run accelerated terms, you take some courses online to accommodate your busy schedule. Some classes in colleges are hybrid, I.e. 50% meeting in the classroom and 50% meeting online

Take Dual enrollment classes

Dual enrollment classes in high school is a great way to gain college credit. Students can earn up to 24 credit college credit while still in high school. Ensure to find out from your community college to see which courses are certified as dual college. You can save yourself two full semester of paid tuition by entering into college with 24 credits.

Summary and Conclusion

There are a lot of benefits of graduating college early. Some key takeaway are; saving of college expenses and starting a job sooner. You can graduate early by planning classes carefully, bring in as many AP, IB and dual enrollment credits as much as you can. The only downside is having less time to build relationships with friends and faculty members.

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10 Most Important Factors in College Admissions

There are some key underlying factors that determine college admission. These factors are so important that they can’t be ignored. This article therefore seeks to look at the key factors which are quite very instrumental to the college admission. Keep reading to see them below.

Knowing these factors that influence college admission will certainly aid you in the process of picking a college when the time comes. To put this topic in another way, we could say “what do colleges look for in students?”, if you could answers this question, then you would literally and singlehandedly figure out factors that affect admissions in colleges.

What are the 10 Most Important Factors in College Admissions?    

Challenging High School Curriculum

Most colleges are actually on the lookout for high school graduate who had a very challenging curriculum and maybe possibly did some college courses in high school. Those highly selective ones go for the students who looked beyond what is offered in the high school.

Strong grades in college preparatory coursework

Generally, when it comes to college admission, high grades are a determinant factor. Most colleges offer preparatory coursework and a very strong grade in this preparatory coursework is use as an admission factor into the college. This kind of preparatory coursework helps identify those students who can study on their own and those students who needs the support of tutors to function effectively.

Very solid test scores on SAT/ACT

A solid test score on an exam like SAT and/or ACT Test can go a long way can determining your admission. Most foreign students who are admitted into colleges here are considered best on test like SAT, ACT, TOEFL etc. So if you are an international student considering to school here, then up your SAT game.

Involvement in extracurricular activities

Education is not just about reading books. Meaningful involvement in extracurricular activities also plays a vital role in student admission. More details on this will berevealed in the course of this article.

Well-conceived and well written essays

If you are getting into college via a scholarship, then the actual game changer can actually be a properly conceived and well written essay. Strong and reflective writing abilities can be a good indication that you bring a lot to the school.  Colleges are looking for potentials to nurture, not liabilities to manage.

A strong student profile

What is a strong student profile? Well, it consist of your high school credentials, testimonials and recommendations.

Very excellent letter of recommendations from reliable and creditable sources

Having a letter of recommendation, from a reputable source like church, a top politician, a respected pastor or educationist can play out like magic for you. This is a very big boost and get you halfway into the college of your choice.

Interviews supporting the student’s strength and good character

Interviews and screening which are aim at revealing the student character also play important roles in determining who is accepted into a college. Thereare some youngsters who cannot survive the scrutiny of a durable character.

Proof of good match between student and college

In most colleges, prospective students are given the opportunity to make a match between them and the college, the students who successfully makes a good match between them and the college automatically get accepted.

A demonstrated interest in college mission and programs

Students must also demonstrate interest in programs obtainable in the college as well as the overall mission of the college. If student does not seems to align with the mission, goals and programs of the college, them it might as well be time to look elsewhere.

Conclusion Factors in College Admissions

Getting admitted into college is determine by a lot of factors. This article has outlined the top ten most important factors in college admission. We hope that you found this article worthy of your time. Please share and leave a comment behind. Let us know what you think.

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