How to Get a Soccer Scholarship in Australia

Athletes are encouraged to explore any opportunities that may interest them, and conduct their own further examination of specific items. The list provided is not necessarily a complete list of ALL scholarships available across the EAEN, and athletes are urged to also conduct their own enquires specific to their own circumstances.

What are the benefits of a Soccer scholarship?

A soccer scholarship in Australia means that athletes who are serious about securing an athletic scholarship have the opportunity to pursue their goals at the highest level possible. They will have access to a national and international competitive atmosphere, and can learn and develop the necessary skills that make an athlete a success. The soccer community is full of people who have shared this experience with students, and there is also a range of educational and career opportunities available, such as further study and employment. How to Get a Soccer Scholarship in Australia In reality, this is a relatively simple process.

How to get soccer scholarships in Australia

The most straightforward way for an athlete to obtain a scholarship is to play for a well established elite soccer team. The Australian Federation of Women’s and Men’s Sports (AFWSM) has outlined the types of scholarship opportunities available for the players on their books, as well as those who aspire to join their programs in the future. Generally, an AFWSM scholarship will be awarded to any player who commits to a defined program of practice, development and competition. The conditions of entry are strict, with players having to commit to a structured program and medicals. These also apply to club selection. The Australian Football League also offers scholarships for players within its academy program and state leagues.

Where can you find Australian soccer scholarships

Australia Soccer Scholarships are available in a variety of forms, whether it is academic scholarships, trade scholarships, sporting scholarships, internship scholarships or community-based scholarships. The player’s study program and specific career goals are taken into account in order to determine which course is best suited for them. You can find a comprehensive list of all scholarships available on the Australian Scholarship website. Adelaide University The Adelaide University Scholarship is available to males only. Students participating in SA’s premier and most respected Sport have the opportunity to earn a First Class Honours degree in Sport Studies, with a $7000 per annum scholarship.

The sheer variety of opportunities that are available to athletes of all abilities, and from every country, is overwhelming. There are countless different scholarship options in every area, and we encourage athletes to do their own due diligence and explore all of the options that may suit them, without fearing any perceived danger of over-committed yourself. Sport scholarship opportunities in Australia can be an extremely valuable asset for young athletes looking to further their education, develop their skills, and compete at a higher level. All prospective recipients should consult a reputable scholarship provider to provide an understanding of the wide range of opportunities available.


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