5 Ways to Get College Scholarships for Free

Every year organizations award more than 1.5 million private college scholarships to students that are worth in excess stacks of $20 dollar billsof $3.5 billion. Want to increase your chances of winning some of this college scholarship money? Here are 10 ways to increase the odds that you’ll win a scholarship for college students.

Give the scholarship sponsor what it wants

Toys for Tots has an action-packed program that allows donors to support both the toy drive and education programs. To increase the chances of getting a scholarship, get a Toys for Tots logo on your letters to the sponsor. Explain to the sponsor how they can increase their reach in the student-athletes’ lives and maybe even earn a free college scholarship. Find other families who have a high school athlete that plays a particular sport It’s important to get the college coach on your side before you start looking for scholarships. Find families in your community who have kids who play the sport you want to play. Call them, go out for dinner, and then take a letter to the college coach. Give the coach a small reward for winning a game or winning a national championship.

Get involved with your community

Volunteer your time and talents with organizations that provide services to the underprivileged or the poor. Community service is something many colleges look for when they’re making their picks for which student is going to receive their scholarships. Post your resumes online One way to show colleges that you are a serious candidate for a scholarship is to post your resume online. Other students are also searching the internet for job listings in your area so posting your resume online will help you make a very strong case for a college scholarship. Be a Facebook friend with a college dean You can actually be a member of your school’s board of trustees or be a friend with a college dean.

Look professional

The best colleges and universities will not accept applications that are poorly written, sloppy or have typos in them. It doesn’t take an expert to learn how to write a decent college scholarship application. Fortunately, scholarship applications are in the form of a paragraph. It’s as simple as saying what you want to do in your future and why you’re the best candidate to get that scholarship. Be a great writer In addition to demonstrating that you are a stellar student, you can do a great job of demonstrating how you’ll do well at that college you are applying to. If you write well and articulate your accomplishments and goals, you have a head start over your competition. If you can offer an explanation as to why you would benefit from that college scholarship, that is even better.

Use a scholarship search engine

The internet is a wealth of scholarship information for both high school and college students. To really maximize the chance of landing a scholarship for college students, you need to understand scholarship search engines. Although some private scholarships have deadlines, you’ll generally have a few days to find scholarships that are open for 2019. If you aren’t familiar with scholarship search engines, it’s a good idea to research them first. These search engines are designed for high school students as well as college students. They can help you identify scholarships that may be available for you. To help you quickly get started, click on one of the links below to get started. Scholarships.com Scholarships.com is designed specifically for high school students.

Learn more about scholarship odds

Make a list of your advantages over other applicants. (You can find a complete list here .) Use scholarship checklists. Write a personal statement and answer the essay question. Speak with other college students who are still deciding where to go to college. Learn more about essay questions. Use online scholarship sites. Apply for the scholarships provided by your high school or college. Read the complete checklist for getting a scholarship . Entrepreneur.com often receives lots of questions about how to increase the odds that you’ll win a college scholarship. Below are five of our favorite ways to get college scholarships. Tip #1: Know Your Advantage No, not your SAT score.

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